Bitcoin Holiday Calendar
Bitcoin Whitepaper Day
October 31st, 2008
Satoshi Nakamoto releases the Bitcoin white paper to the cryptography mailing list, marking its official introduction into the world. Satoshi introduces Bitcoin as an electronic cash system with several important properties: double-spending is prevented with a peer-to-peer network; no mint or other trusted parties; participants can be anonymous; new coins are made from Hashcash style proof-of-work; the proof-of-work for new coin generation also powers the network to prevent double-spending.

The Bitcoin whitepaper can be viewed here.
Bitcoin Holiday
Diffie-Hellman day
November 1st, 1976
Whitfield Diffie and Martin E. Hellman release their proposal for a breakthrough in cryptographic communication: the first implementation of public/private key pairs for secure communication over public channels.

Read their 1976 paper titled "New Directions in Cryptography" here.
Bitcoin Logo Day
November 4th, 2010
On this day in 2010, an unknown artist under the handle "bitboy" shares one of the best brand images of all time for free on the Bicointalk forum. You can view the post here
Bitcoin Holiday
This is Gentlemen!
November 11th, 2014
On this day in 2014, an overexcited Reddit user accidentally omitted a word and unknowingly earned their place in the bizarre and hilarious story of Bitcoin culture.

Read the Reddit daily discussion on Bitcoin Markets here.
Bitcoin Holiday
November 15th, 2016
This day marks the first day of the BitConnect ICO which was without question the most entertaining and popcorn consuming scam produced in the 2016-2017 ICO bubble.

View the infamous event here.
S2X Failure to Launch Day
November 17th, 2017
On this day in 2017, a group of miners decided to try to make the SegWit2X proposal work by continuing to mine, despite the abandonment of those who spearheaded it. Unsurprisingly, the poorly reviewed and rushed code had a major bug, and the S2X chain never produced a block.
Haters in Disbelief Day
November 28th, 2013
Bitcoin breaks four digits for the first time in 2013!
Bitcoin Holiday